Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh, Dan!

Oh, Dan, How you love airsoft! 
 Dan talked his dad into taking his to a big airsoft field where a bunch of people get together, break into teams, and have a battle.  Well they were having a great time until Dan was ambushed and shot at. In the intensity of the game he didn't notice that his tooth was shot out. (he spit it out thinking it was a pellet) when the battle was over he noticed that his tooth was missing. So a couple of dentist visits later a new crown will make it look good as new.

 Dan loves playing with his cousin Eric. They took turns tying each other up. Dan has taught him many manly skills (much to his parents dismay) such as punching and sword fighting.
 Dan's latest obsession has been to obtain an indoor cat.
This has been going on for several months but it started with this beautiful drawing he put on the back of our bedroom door.
 A close up of the best part.
It is a battle of the wills, we  will see who wins?

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Familie May said...

Oh boy, yes such is life with boys ;D I think he won't have a new battle soon again.
I just love Hannah's playhouse - that looks awesome, maybe space enough as a one-room-apartment for summer?!