Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ear piercing

We have told the girls that they can get their ears pierced when they are 10. Hannah has been counting down the days, so when Jody & Judie came out we decided to let her get them pierced a couple of days before her birthday. You should have seen the entourage that followed her. Her uncle was the videographer her mom was the photographer, and 11 siblings, cousins, grandparents,& aunt were here support group. I am sure the ladies at Claire's were quite amused.
She didn't flinch or complain at all and she has had a beaming smile ever since. Happy Birthday Hannah!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are family....

Ivan & Annette decided to make the LONG drive to come out and see us, and we are so glad they did.  We tried to make sure they enjoyed every minute of their time here. We went skiing and tubing at the lake, seeing historical sites, swimming, & staying up late. 
Silly Girls
All the boys ready to get wet
My buff big brother
We went to Terra studios where they make the Bluebirds of Happiness.  They have paths and a picnic area with sculptures and art all over. The kids had fun looking at all the art work.
Here the kids are looking at the fish in this small pond, they are all very interested.
The labyrinth is always a fun challenge for the kids. They all made it to the end.
Thanks Ivan & Annette for coming out we had a fun time with you. Come again anytime!