Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hawaii, Feb.2012

Shaun had some free airline miles so we decided to take a trip to Hawaii to see Mike and Autumn and their family. I had never had a great desire to go to Hawaii, but when we got there and Autumn drove us through the mountains I was in love.  It is a beautiful place as long as you stay out of Honolulu.
We of course had to go to the Hawaiian temple. 
 And since the Polynesian Cultural Center is right next door, we went there next.
It was an  awesome place that we would love to take the kids to some day.
Shaun attempting to climb a tree.
 Trying to hit a coconut on the top of a very tall pole.
 We ended the day by going to a Luau with Mike & Autumn and see a show "Ha Breath of Life"
 Mike took us off the beaten path on a hike to a waterfall where you could jump off into a pool.
 It was a beautiful hike. The water was cold, but Shaun jumped 30' into the pool of water.
Shaun & the boys doing their muscle man poses.
 Michaela doing her laughing exercises with her daddy.
She is such a sweet baby.
 Every day Shaun would walk with the boys to and from school. 
Sunday Porter got up and decided he wanted to dress just like Shaun.
So here are the twins.
 Enjoying the view.
This is the helicopter that mike has been flying.
 Yet another beautiful view.
Logan, Porter, and Noah are such fun little boys.
 We went on a shark dive one day. We were safe of course in that little white cage in the corner.
It was really cool
Yet another amazing view.
 Of course we went to Pearl Harbor, what a sober experience.
 Again another awesome view.
 Our last day we took a short walk to the beach and played in the water with Logan and Porter.
 We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. What a beautiful place.

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Familie May said...

So jealous!!! Indeed, what a beautiful place and wonderful pictures!