Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thanksgiving in Idaho, (Jenkins) 2011

The girls all got together and hung out at Grandma's house where they watched a movie and learned to crochet. They were over there so long I had to check on them to see what was going on. They had a fun time hanging with G-ma.
When the girls weren't at Grandma's they were climbing in all the hidey holes at Dan & Maureen's house.
This is what happens when you hold still for just a moment.

Everyone is ready for our yummy Thanksgiving meal.
Even Cora
Everyone is getting ready for the Talent Show.
Shem playing "Across the Burren"
Cora singing a song with a little help from Isabelle
Verena even got in on it, playing some songs on her guitar.
Josh singing the "Stalking Song"
Kolby joined in on the last part of the song.
Nicole recited a poem.
Mason was our comedian telling some good jokes.
Kate and Kamri doing the silly "Jellyfish" dance.
Sarah, Hannah, & Aleena putting on their puppet show.
Will, Dan, & Adam said their only talent was eating pumpkin pie.
So we rigged up a pie eating contest.
Will won!
Samantha's talent was the hula hoop.
Everyone else had to join in and try it.
Of course what else do you do on Thanksgiving after your belly is full and you are relaxed?
Nap of course.
Before we left Idaho we had to go to the Temple. So we, Tiffiny, Shaun & I took our two pre-missionaries Shem & Kolby to the Rexburg Temple. We are so excited to have these two cousins choose to serve a mission and to be going at the same time. They were actually in the MTC together for a few weeks. I can't wait to see their growth when they return.

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