Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1 More Family

My Nephew Kolby came out to work at scout camp with Shem this summer, and earn a little money. So we got to see them on weekends and take them skiing, and try to keep them off the computer :-) it is such a magnet. We got to enjoy him for a week after scout camp was over before he had to go back home. I think the girls liked having another big brother to bug. We took him bowling & skiing, we played games and teased, watched movies & stayed up late every night. He was probably exhausted by the time he got home. I just hope he has good memories of being here.

Happy 4th

We enjoyed our Fourth of July in our driveway with family. We had a pretty good display because some of the neighbors were doing the same thing.
Here is little Cody with his sparkler (punk)
And Sedrick with his.
Grandma JoAnn with her cheezy grin. She really did enjoy watching the fireworks with us.
Sarah with a whole wad of sparklers.
Shem being very silly
The roman candle brigade.
Now that is just a cool photo of Aleena's roman candle going off.
Can you see the full moon behind the fireworks? Beautiful, there is nothing quite like the booming sound of fireworks.

Even More Family Fun!

Jeremy & Olivia, Becky & Derek & Families also came out to see us. We of course went to the lake. The water was so warm that it felt like you were taking a bath. The kids loved it all the same.

Sarah, Linzi, & Hannah were quite the buds.
Braden got Shem's loft bed while he was at scout camp.
Ian, Joel & Sedrick were all attacking Uncle Shaun while Jeremy urged them on.
We are so glad they all made the long trip out here to see us. we had a fun time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Family Fun

Shaun had a business trip in Dallas so he took us along to spend some time at Chad & Melissa's.
Since they have a pool guess where we spent most of our time? The Dads got into it one night, this is their graceful cannon ball.
Shoulder rides to the deep end of the pool.
Launching off the dads.
As always, Silly Girls.
We had a fun time.

Family fun

Jody & Judie came out for a visit, we all had a fun time together. We went Ice skating one day...
and of course out on the lake one day. Every time Jody & Judie come out it is very hot & humid. So they came at the beginning of summer hoping to miss some of the heat. Well wouldn't you know it we had a hot, humid streak while they were here. Now it will be even harder to convince them to move it out here. Oh well the lake felt nice anyways.