Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sarah's first temple trip & Candy Queen May 15, 2010

Sarah got to go on her first temple trip, we went to the Oklahoma City Temple. She loved it and asked when she could do it again. We went with the youth in our ward, we left around 5:30am to make our time slot. I am so glad there are opportunities for our youth to do this.
I love being in the temple with my children. It will be nice when the other half can join us.
Hannah has the craziest imagination, She bought these 2 suckers and created the crown & necklace. I didn't know we had that much candy lying around.
She is going to be called the Cavity Queen not the Candy Queen when she gets done eating get up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Silver Dollar City May 22nd,2010

My brother Ben had a class in Tulsa for 2 weeks. He drove over to see us on the weekend between his classes. We had made plans to go to Silver Dollar City with our friends and asked if he wanted to come along, he did. Ben took the boys and headed off to ride all the big rides. We didn't see them until it was time to eat. The boys had a blast. We throughly enjoyed Ben being here and look forward to his Wife & kiddos coming with him next time.

Shem & Dan sitting in what looks like Paul Bunyan's Chair.
Isabelle and Danny riding the frogs

Emily & Hannah, Sarah & Megan riding the silo lift
Isabelle & Sarah B. cooling off at Geyser Gulch

As a little side note Sarah & Hannah played softball this spring. Of course I got a picture of Hannah and forgot to take one of Sarah. This is Sarah's 3rd year and Hannah's 1st. They both did really well, and had fun doing it. When one of the Umpire saw Sarah she said "I remember you from last year you are the smiley girl" Sarah always has a smile on her face when she is playing, She really enjoys it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


My creative daughter has been at it again. Here is a sampling of what has been created at our house.

The Flying Banana 2000
Aluminum foil lining to scare off aliens, radio/walkie talkie for communication, torpedos, machine gun, missile launcher, self destruct buttons, & steering wheel
The keyboard of Awesome!
The outside wings, windows, door, toothpaste rocket launchers......
Faux pizza made out of rice crispies, candy, & frosting.
This pizza was so sweet we could only take a few bites. But it sure looks good.
Popsicle hands that freaked out Grandma, She thought the looked like cadaver hands.
They were made with fruit smoothies.
The Poor Mans throne.
Hannah saw this idea in a book and just had to make it. She added bubble wrap for extra comfort, she even made a bubble wrap pillow, and foot stool. It was quite sturdy it even held Shaun & I.
Hannah & Eric loved the throne. Sarah on the other hand loathed the throne and had secret desires to destroy it. Before she could carry out her plan Aunt Carrie came and helped rearrange their room and convinced Hannah to remove the chair from the premises, much to Sarah's joy! We told Hannah that a picture would immortalize the chair forever.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Room School House April 30th, 2010

The girls got to go to school in a one room school house. The local Historical Society puts an a program at this restored school house. So they dressed in period costumes packed a lunch in a basket and headed off to school.
The girls went in one door and the boys in another, they were seated on opposite sides. When the boys came in the shook the schoolmasters hand. The Schoolmaster seated them by age.
They then got to work and learned what a typical day was like in a one room schoolhouse. Hannah and Aleena are practicing their writing lessons.
They had a Spelling Bee, Sarah tied for first.
Lunch time, I am glad it was a nice day.
Then everyones favorite time... RECESS!
They played Graces, where they toss a hoop to another player, with sticks. It was called graces because the girls would play it and it would help them learn to be graceful while playing.
Rolling the hoop, Aleena was pretty good.
Marbles, of course.
After recess the schoolmaster taught them how to make a paper cup and then he gave them all a drink. In the past they children would all drink out of the same dipper and if anyone was sick they would drink first!? Humm... I don't think they understood germs.
They did Allocution which was to help the children learn to public speak and how to pronounce words well. For allocution they did tongue twisters, Isabelle even gave it a whirl.
At the end of the day each child got a turn to ring the bell.
Here is the whole class.
This was such a wonderful experience, We would love to do it again.