Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thanksgiving in Idaho, (Sedricks) 2011

We went to visit family for Thanksgiving so Shem could see everyone one last time before his mission.
This is what I miss! Mountains!
Ok and family too.
Hannah wanted to do a talent show with all the cousins, so she told them all to prepare something to share. We had so much fun watching everyone and their varied talents.
What a great bunch of people.
Let the show begin.
Piano solos were first
Linzi played a song that she created, awesome.
Isabelle played one that she had been working on.
Sedrick did a great job on his piece, his mom is a good teacher.
Cody of course had to do what everyone else was doing.
Joel did a great job too, he must have a great teacher too.
Shem played "Across the Burren"
Then Devon played a song while Keilani sang.
On to the singers.
Ashton sang a song and Joel was a backup singer.
Zayne sang a song that now whenever I hear it on the radio I think of him.
Christian and Daniel sang together
Hannah, Sarah, and Aleena put on a puppet show that I think everyone enjoyed.
Last but not least, Jessica did a dance for us.
The cousins had so much fun together, playing games and just spending time together.

I think the boys spent most of their time together downstairs playing video games.
They had fun.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Isabelle is turning 8

Isabelle is all girl. She wanted a spa party for her birthday. So her sister whipped up these cute fingernail polish cupcakes for her.
She invited a few friends (and neighbor kids) over. We had finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and other spa foods.
Everyone had a facial, beautiful!
They all made bath salts to take home and enjoy.
Aunt Carrie came over and painted toes and fingers for the guests.
What a fun night.
Aren't these toes just so cute.

Halloween, 2011

Isabelle the Fairy

The Three Musketeers
All for one and one for all!
Underdog even showed up.
Nathan even got in on it.

Sarah's 14th Birthday 2011

Sarah is the party planner. She had a "Mystery Party" this year. First she sent all her guests an invitation with a character description. Each guest had to come dressed up as their character. We then did a readers theater where the girls had to try to solve a mystery and find out who did it.
She played a few party games like glow-in-the-dark bowling, and a cheese puff toss.
For the cheese puff toss we put a rain poncho on two girls then put shaving cream on their head. The rest of the girls divided into two teams and raced to see who could get the most cheese puffs to stick to the shaving cream.
Sarah created a party bag for her guests with an animal that she crocheted specifically for that girl and silly disguise glasses.
Silly girls!