Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's all about Dan! May 2010

All right this post is all about Daniel, because what would life be like without him?
I think Dan took this picture of himself, but I had to add it so 10 years from now he can say....
"Why did I let my hair grow that long? it looks nasty!" We as typical parents give him a hard time about his hair. As a side note he did get it cut and it looks very nice.
He recently earned his Purple belt in GoJu Karate, which was quite a feat. He went in around noon and got done at 7:00pm. He had do 600 pushups, 600 situps, and ran 6 miles. We came at the end and saw them finishing their push ups and sit ups it was hard to watch, all the black belts were so encouraging, the last 50 push ups they held their belts to help just a little. There were only 3 boys at this level.
Dan's teacher is the lady on the right. As you can see she is small but you don't want to mess with her. to the right of her is her Father, and to the left of Dan is her Husband. Her Father lives in Kansas, He and a couple of other black belts come down for the testing. It took Dan a year for this test and he will have to wait 2 years for the next test. His teacher doesn't take this lightly, she only allows them to test if she thinks they are ready.
What an accomplishment!
This was taken before his belt test at a competition. He placed 2nd in forms and 3rd in sparing.
Way to go Dan!
Dans first Stake dance. He said he danced with almost every girl there, and the ones he really liked he danced twice. He is quite the ladies man. I am glad he is having fun. No I was not there to take the picture, I do not stalk my children, Shem did it for me. (he he)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

History field trip April 30,2010

We went on a field trip to the Fort Smith History Museum with some friends of ours that we hadn't seen for a while, the Petersons. We saw a lot of interesting things, the kids liked dressing up as soldiers and cowboys.
Don't mess with the Sheriff!
They had a little soda shop where we had some ice cream, and this phone booth. The younger kids all climbed in there, I don't know if you can tell by the photo but there are 5 or 6 kiddos in there. In the same room there was on display old apothecary & drug store stuff, we found an old container that said Dried Dragon's Blood. It sounds like something for a witches brew. I wonder where they found a dragon to get blood from?
We then went to the fort and jail area, because this fort was on the border of the wild west there was a lot of lawlessness in the area. There was a Judge known as the hanging Judge, because as you can guess there were a lot of hangings performed under his direction. But he served for about 20 years and he helped clean up the place and make it safer to live there.

This is a replica of the court room, with Judge Isabelle at the bench.
All the kiddos on the old paddy wagon.