Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hannah's Big 12

For our family party Hannah wanted peanut butter fudge for her birthday cake.
A marionette horse....
and a Bow & arrow set were on her list.
Hannah wanted a water skiing cake for her party with her friends, so Sarah gladly obliged.
Hannah, the social butterfly, loved having her friends over for her birthday.

Daddy Daughter Crazy Dinner

The Young Women and Activity Day girls joined together and made a special meal for the dads in honor of Fathers Day.
We made a special spaghetti dinner the only catch was the dads didn't know what order they would get their food.
They could order noodles and salad, or brownies and sauce, because everything had a silly name so they wouldn't know what they were ordering.
Then to step up the fun we gave them crazy utensils and dishes to eat with.

The girls had so much fun watching their dads, they would come into the kitchen with big smiles on their faces ready to see their dads reactions for the next course. I think the dads got a kick out of it too.

A Few Fun Activities

We loaded up the car one day after the persistent bugging of Aleena to go to the Precious Moments Chapel. I have a few figurines and Aleena had fallen in love with them. When we found out that this Chapel was close by we had to go see it.
Samuel Butcher is the artist & creator of these figures. The Chapel has beautiful paintings on the inside. There was a museum of all the figurines and dolls he had created.
Aleena wanted to buy everything, She loved it.
Hannah and Isabelle took a theater class they learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Here the are demonstrating how they focus in and prepare their minds for acting.
They did a tableau on a Mid Summers Night Dream
This was Hannah's first year at camp so her , Sarah and the other Beehives made matching shirts. When the older girls saw them they wanted ones too. So the girls got busy and made shirts for the rest.
Don't they look great! We had a fun time at camp.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Budding Talents

Shem & Dan had an end of year talent show for school.
Daniel and his friend sang the "Friday" song in French.
Shem played his pipe instrument which was really cool until it fell apart about a minute into his song. I was so sad for him.
Hannah Aleena & Isabelle have been taking an Archery class, they love it.