Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun with Ben& Karen's Family Dec 2011

The weather was nice so we took Ben & Karen's family hiking to one of our favorite spots.
There are rocks to climb, caves and lots of places to explore.
All the kiddos
Karen helped Sarah to train Sammy, he is becoming an obedient dog.
One afternoon we got all the kids out and played kickball.
Everyone had fun.

We were so glad they made the long trip, we loved having them here.

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Familie May said...

Wow, the kids did grow so fast! Seems you had tons of fun, it's great to see pics of Ben, Karen and their kids! Jared did change so much, he is so dark haired ;) And Karen - wow - she looks soooo gooood - how did she do that ??!! It's so hard to loose weight after Christian's birth - but I try every day :D Thanks for sharing the pictures! Love to you!