Monday, May 16, 2011

Balloon Ride

On our last day there Shaun's boss took us all on a balloon ride. It was very cool! Shaun helped fill the balloon.
I think the only bad part was that we were crammed together in the basket. Luckily 2 people backed out, I don't know where they would have fit in?
That little square on the ground between the two balloons is where we started.
What a view I didn't realize that Arizona was so mountainous.
While they were repacking the balloon they whipped out these picnic tables, cloth tablecloths and napkins, candles, an array of appetizers and champagne (sparkling cider for us). While we ate we watched the sunset, it was quite impressive.
I enjoyed my 3 day date with Shaun. I hope he meets his sales goal next year!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A visit to the cousins

On our second day we took the morning and drove down to Tucson to see Shaun's cousin Vicky, Bill and their son Billy. We had a wonderful visit and are trying to find a time to take the family back to visit again.
These pictures are taken on their property, they pointed out all different types of native plants.
They are standing in front of a jumping cactus. It is called that because if you get to close it senses body heat and will attach to whatever brushes by.
We are standing in front of an old Saguaro cactus.

Arizona Date! March 2011

Shaun's team at work made their sales goal so the company flew out the spouses to be with them in Arizona. We stayed at a resort. They planned several activities for us and had a nice dinner every night. It was nice to get to know the people Shaun works with in a more relaxed atmosphere.
When I got there we went right to the Temple. We enjoyed a session together at such a beautiful temple.
Here is a cactus garden on the temple grounds.
The next day we took a trip to Sedona where we enjoyed the view, had a nice lunch and....
a beautiful hike. This is the Devil's Kitchen.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daniel's Eagle Court of Honor Feb. 25th, 2011

He finally made it! He struggled with camping so we were starting to wonder if he would make it. He pulled through and did it! Dan showed great leadership on his project. So now we have 3 Eagles, I am a proud mama!

Dan has already seen the advantage of the Eagle award, it has helped him get a summer job as a lifegaurd.


Sarah and Hannah got a book on cupcakes from the library and started experimenting. Bugs, babies, butterflies, popcorn & pandas. They made some for a fundraiser for girls camp. I liked Sarah's idea, she made the babies and a coupon for free babysitting.

Silly Eric & Hannah's creativity

We always have a little fun when Eric is around. His vocabulary is constantly growing and he says some of the funniest things. He loves being the center of attention.....
and we love giving it to him.
Hannah is always creating something. Here are some Satyr's (half goat half man) and a tree nymph doll she made.
I made he this Indian dress one year and she has added to it. She made the necklace....
and cradle board for her baby doll.