Sunday, October 31, 2010

While Shem was gone. June 11-July 27,2010

Some of our summer activities...
Hannah's 11th Birthday
Sarah's first year at Girl's Camp and mine to. I was asked a couple of weeks before camp to go as the leader. It has been over 20 years since I have been to camp. We had fun but boy it was HOT.
We had an Olympic theme,"Go for the Gold" gold being the value color of virtue. We had to make up with a country. Ours was Val'Dor (valley of gold in French) the girls won gold medals for setting a goal and working towards reading the Book of Mormon.
Here we are all gathered around talking to Shem through the computer. It was so good to hear from him but I think it made him a little homesick.
Andy & Rachel came out for the 4th of July. The girls made some special cupcakes for the occasion.
All the kiddos are ready to light off fireworks.
Of course we had some lake time too. The kids were playing king of the tube and stopped long enough to give me a smile.
Rachel & JoAnn enjoying the weather. Rachel surprised us with the announcement of a new baby due to arrive at the end of Nov.
Andy & Aaron are ready for tubbing fun.
Eric had his first ride on the tub, He didn't know quite what to think of that.
We had a good friend of ours find a abandoned baby dear in the middle of the road, She then took it to a good friend of hers that is excellent with animals and has quite a menagerie. We have gone several times to see this cute little deer.
She was so tiny, the kids just loved all over her.
We took a youth trip to Winter Quarters and toured the Church History sites there. We also went to the Temple. While I was standing waiting to direct kids where to go this lady came out of a waiting room whom I recognized immediately as my old college roommate It was so neat to see her, what a small world.
And of course this is at the airport when Shem came home. It was so good to have him back. I am really glad he got the opportunity to go and learn. I am thankful to the Koga family for taking him in and taking care of him. What an experience.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Japan

The Koga Family:
Anna 13yrs old and Shoya(her boyfriend)
Daichi and Taiki 8yrs old
Momoka 11yrs
Host Mom & Dad, Tomohiro and Miki
Shem got to help teach English classes while he was there. I think he really enjoyed that and it kept him busy. The teacher was a fellow American form North Carolina.
Curry Udon (noodles)
Shrine arch on Mt. Fugen
Shem went to Ninja town where he saw a play, learned some Ninja history, and...
Threw some shurikens. So now Shem knows the Ninja ways.
Shem had a great time, what a wonderful experience, We were so grateful he had a good family to stay with. Who know maybe he will return there for his mission?