Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A monster B-day and a Maze

Aleena saw these little monster cake and wanted them for her birthday.
She wanted a globe and some little toy animals.
It is interesting what the kids choose fro their birthdays.
There was a maze down the road that opened up so we decided to go one evening.
we too Carrie, Mitch & Eric with us.
We went to a maze done by (Sister-in-law)Annette's brother and this wasn't near as good as his, but we had fun anyway.
My Silly Boy.
Which way do we go?
They had a little petting farm. A couple of goats..
and a calf, Eric thinks he is a cowboy.
King of the straw bale!


Familie May said...

Harrrrr...these monster cakes look delicious!! Great idea!

The Sedrick Menagerie said...

Happy Birthday Alena!!!! I love the cupcakes, they are so cute.