Sunday, November 14, 2010

All grown up

Here is an update on the chicks we hatched and ducklings we raised.
They grew up quickly. Hannah ended up with 2 boys(Zeus, & Skeetacus) and 1 girl (Hera).
She was going to show them in the Fair, but they don't do waterfowl. She is so good to take care of them everyday and doesn't need to be reminded. We get 1 egg a day from Hera,and they love it when the get fresh water in their bowl. We are trying to find a new home for them on a pond.
They are Indian Runners so they shouldn't fly away.
Sarah claimed these three from our first hatching. 1 boy (Daniel, because he was fiesty) and 2 girls (Peepers & BBQ) She was going to show them as a trio in the fair but the lady who registered them told us to enter to do it separately so she could get more money if they won ribbons. Well all 3 got blue ribbons, $15 not to bad.
He was so pretty and fun to provoke. He and Sarah had a little run in one day and we had to go rescue her. Mr. Rooster Brewster was starting to crow quite loudly, so our friend that gave us the eggs in the first place took them back to her farm and now he rules the roost there.
The next batch of eggs hatched were Aleena's claim. There was 1 rooster(Bugsie) and 4 hens (Pearl, Sparrow, Peach & Midnight) They are a game hen and really small. Aleena also showed 3 and won blue ribbons on all of them.
Aleena loves these birds and especially Bugsie. She will take them for walks with us all snuggled in her jacket. Bugsies crow sounds like a squeaky toy and isn't to loud so we are keeping him around. We have gotten a couple of eggs from them, but I think the cold has made them stop. So there is the scoop on all the chickens in the coop.


The Sedrick Menagerie said...

Which one are you eating for Sunday dinner. Just kidding. Congratulations girls for winning at the fair. We are excited to see you guys next month.

Familie May said...

The kids grow - the chicks grow - boy, how time flies! Congrats to the girls!!