Sunday, December 5, 2010

Daniel's Eagle Project Aug, 2010

Daniel finally has his Eagle project done. I was starting to wonder if he had lost all interest in anything scouting. He bounced back and has gotten a little more enthusiastic.
For his project he went to a local National Cemetery and replaced flag pole holders. They were lost under the grass and many below trees that had grown large enough where you couldn't get a flag under it.
He had lots of volunteers and did quite well keeping everyone organized and on track. In fact the project was done before we thought it would and everyone had to wait around for the promised pizza. He only had one snag when a waterline was hit. The caretakers were prepared luckily.
Even the girls were there to help quench everyones thirst on this hot August day.
There is just something about the American flag that is so beautiful, just imagine about ninety of them all lined up.
He now has all his paperwork done and is awaiting the Board of Review.
I am so glad his attitude has softened towards scouting, I think it is a wonderful program.


The Sedrick Menagerie said...

good job Dan. Maybe some of your motivation will rub on on Jordan when you come.

Familie May said...

What a good project! Dan really did well!