Sunday, March 21, 2010

A stay at the cabin & more skiing!

We asked My brother Ivan... , no let me change that. We begged Ivan and Annette to let us stay at THE CABIN. It is such a beautiful place any time of the year. They graciously let us invade their space, and we loved it. Here are a few of the monkeys in the king-sized bed...
and a couple more in the loft bed. If we wanted to see the boys we just went to where the screens were and there they would be playing video games.
This was our 2nd ski day the snow was great but the day wasn't long enough.
Me and the girls, they got to come because they caught on so quick the first day.
Shem was just loving it! (The next Flying Tomato.)
The Russian & I lovin' the snow.

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Familie May said...

Ivan's cabin is really such a great place. We loved to see it in July 2007.