Sunday, March 7, 2010

On to Idaho!

Next stop, My Brother Dan's house. We stayed a couple of days here and of course enjoyed the company and his famous sourdough pancakes.
Here are a couple of monkeys' (Sarah & Kate) in their monkey PJs
Dan & Will sword fighting, If their is a stick around it is a sure bet that Daniel will find it and use it for a sword.
All the girls got a wee bit silly with the makeup. Of course Isabelle loved all the attention.
One of the main reasons we came SKIING!! This was the girls first time skiing, They LOVED it! they all caught on real quick. Sarah & Hannah went down the bunny hill a few times then they decided they were ready for the big hill. They were going up & down the big hill so well. Isabelle & Aleena wore a path in the bunny hill. Up & down, they loved it.
Of course the boys were enjoying every minute of it. Here they are taking a little rest.
Shem showing us his moves.
Dan, notice his big smile.
All the boy cousins.
Smiles all around, We may have to make this a annual tradition.

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Familie May said...

Hey, is this a german flag?! Have you been to Heidelberg?
It seems you all have had tons of fun skiing through a wonderful and sunshiny area. Did you meet your mom, how is she doing?