Sunday, March 28, 2010

Art class & Birthdays Jan. 2010

We have a very talented sister in our Stake that offered to teach the girls oil painting. Of course who could refuse such an offer. They have loved it.
They did several types; still life, floral, and landscape. (which ended up being animals instead)
They are very proud of their paintings.
As a side note this is Aleena's creation, a God's eye mobil.
We got to help celebrate nephew/cousin Eric's 1st birthday. We have loved having the little guy around. He gets so excited every time he comes over and loves for the girls to take him outside.
Can you tell who is the center of attention?
Shaun celebrated his big 40 this year. He said he didn't want a party (I don't think he wanted anyone to know) or presents, so we did something else instead. We were going to decorate his office at work but he took the day off. So we went to plan B. We decorated the office at church since he had meetings that night. I think he was pretty surprised. We brought treats later for him to share with everyone. We had fun trying to sneak around trying to surprise him.


Familie May said...

Beautiful paintings, talented girls and belated Happy Birthday to Shaun!! Did the boys tried to oil paint too?

Scates Family said...

Their art work is beautiful. You will have to put a gallery in your home.