Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 9 Leuk & Gemmi Alp

We did a little butter making today. We learned that the butter churn & molds are soaked in water for 2 days to tighten the joints, and you only fill the churn half way because the cream will expand as churned.
Boy it took a long time to churn! Us amateurs were very sloppy.
The butter molds
Our pretty finished butter. (It was very tasty! We had it on our sourdough bread we made.)
We then took a hike up the this ravine. Most of the trail was on these catwalks. Some spots were a little scary. It was a pretty awesome hike.
As we were coming back from our hike our guide pointed out where we would be staying that night, if you look real close on the top of that mountain you can see the hotel up there. you could either take a several hour hike up to it or a gondola. We wished we would have hiked it, you could see the trail from the gondola and it looked pretty amazing.
Our hotel room slept 20, quite an interesting arrangement and because you pay by the bed and there was only 16 of us we had 3 more men join our room. There was a Sheep festival the next day so everything was booked up. Needless to say nobody slept well that night.
The view from our room and for that fact, anywhere in the hotel was amazing So that made up for the awkward sleeping arrangements. In the center of the mountain line is the Matterhorn.
This is a view from the Hotel looking down on the town of Leuk. This is where we would have hiked up. Amazing, right?
This is the backside of the hotel, down by the lake is where they will have the sheep festival. I will tell you more on that on Day 11.
Here is all of us at dinner, we are at the back on the left. The nice guys that are sharing our room took multiple pictures for all of us.
The beauty of this country is amazing! (I think I keep repeating myself.)

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Familie May said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures. A great view you've had from your hotel! You could become dizzy. Was there someone really bad snorring in your room ;-)?