Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 8 Loetschental valley

I just thought this was a good picture of an old slate roof.
OK now for a little history lesson. In the 1930's a dentist, Weston A. Price started studying groups of people all over the world that had not been introduced to modernized foods. He studied their traditional diets and the effects on their teeth, facial structure, & health. He also observed the changes when people started consuming the modern foods, white flour, sugar, & processed foods. There has been a foundation set up in his name that studies and promotes the traditional diets. That is the group we went with on this trip.
Well one of the places Weston Price went was here in the Loetschental valley, there are 3 little towns along this valley. We took a bus all the way to the end of the valley. We then took a short hike up to this small glacier lake.
We then hiked all the way back down the valley on the same path that Weston Price took about 80 years earlier. There is an old picture he took of children by this rock. So we took a group photo here.
Here is the first little village. This is probably a summer village for when they bring the cows up. As you can see it was a beautiful hike.
We hiked about 9 miles this day.
Along the way we found wild blueberries and strawberries. They were so good.

We hiked on down to the third little town and had lunch on the balcony, taking in the beautiful view. This is the only place where we saw Edelweiss, they had it in planters. It was pretty and it smelled very good.
We then went to a small local museum. They had a room full of masks that were used in ceremonies to scare off the winter spirits and bring on spring. This one was really creepy!
One of these masks is not like the others....
Just one of the many awesome views, wouldn't you just love to live here?
This little church was pictured in Dr. Price's book (Nutrition & Physical Degeneration) but with not as many buildings around it.
What a lovely day!

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Familie May said...

Hey, how much do you want to scare your readers?! But you're right, it's close to Halloween ;-)
Thanks for sharing that interesting history and the beautiful pictures with us.