Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 7 Vevey & Chateau de Chillon

Today we took a long train ride to the city of Vevey on the Lake Geneva. We walked along the lake to a museum on food. There was this fork sculpture in the lake....
so we had a little fun with it.

I thought this was real interesting, how much our food has changed in a hundred years.

We took a boat ride on the lake. France is behind us in the picture, one day we will go there.
The boat took us to Chateau de Chillon. The oldest written date of the castle was 1150. Of course it has been added to along the years.
Look at the size of this fireplace! There was one this size in just about every room. Even then they liked their kitchens big.
This is the view from the Keep, the tallest tower of the castle. It is the refuge tower, store house, powder house, defense observation post & provisional residence.
For safety reasons the door of the Keep, which is high from the ground, was only accessible with the aid of a ladder or drawbridge.
Looking up at the Keep.
The Moat, this castle is built on a natural rock Island. In fact you can see the rocks that they built around in the basement/dungeon.


Familie May said...

Hey, funny picture with the fork! I love that castle, looks like pretty small and homelike :-)especially the fireplace is really awesome.

Netti said...


I love your pictures. I am so glad you guys had such a great time. It makes it all worth it. by the way I have 2 cd's full of pictures to mail you. I didn't think I took that many. I will get them shipped. I hope you enjoy.