Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A little bit of this and that

A Happy Mothers Day.  The girls decorated my room for me with streamers and a banner.  Aleena made me breakfast in bed.  Sarah wrote me a very nice letter. Hannah gave me a chocolate bar that she bought herself.  Isabelle gave me a shell & pen. Shem played me a song on the piano. Dan gave me a hug.  They all helped make dinner & desert for me and for Grandma. Oh yeah Shaun gave me a trip to Switzerland  (which is also for anniversary, birthday, Christmas, etc...) I had a great day.
Sarah participated in a little Olympics on Saturday.  She ran the obstacle course, It was a team effort and she was put as the last runner because she was so fast. 
They ran 2 teams at a time,  which they won against the other team but they didn't win over all.
She also did the 3 legged race and got 2nd place.  She was pretty excited.
OK here is the picture of the bread made from the 7 grain mix from the last post. There is not a lot of taste difference between that and wheat.  We ground it just like we do the wheat.  Anyway it tasted good, of course I think all fresh bread tastes good.


Netti said...

The bread looks yummy! Great job Sarah. That looks like so much fun. Happy mothers day Holly!!!! You deserve it. Wow Switzerland. That sounds like an awesome trip. would love to go.

Familie May said...

Switzerland?! Where exactly? Not far away - wanna have a visit in Freital or do we want to meet in Switzerland?
What a great mothers day you had - so much fun. Would love to bite into your bread!

Ririe Family said...

yum, homemade bread. Congrats Sarah on your doing awesome running. I always loved running too and was often last in relays. Probably because I was a spaz and booked it. Happy Mother's Day to you too!