Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going Green?

NO! At least not in my opinion.  Shem's science class is part of a pilot study through the Audubon Arkansas.  The program is called 24/7.  They identify 24 plants and animals, and do 7 things to improve your world/make a difference. Well the neighbor boy is in the same class so us Mom's helped them come up with a few projects.   
We had these clothes line  poles up when we first moved here but we took them down to build the playhouse, with the intention of moving them closer to the house. That was a few years ago and I have missed them terribly, I love the smell of line dried clothes. 
 # 1 Put up clothes line.
#2 Put up a bird house
# 3 make a rain barrel.  
Shaun cut the top off the barrel several years ago and had it all rigged up, but we realized it was hard to get the water out.  Shem steps in with his project, he put the spigot on, made & attached a short hose, and set it up under the down spout.  Of course it was full the next day after a big rain storm that night.  Now we can use it to water the Chickens, garden & dog.
#4 Clean up after the ice storm (done)
#5 Recycle scrap metal
#6 Add plants, etc. to the neighbors butterfly garden
#7 Make a grocery bag
 Nothing like using your son's science project to get a few things done around the house.

Yesterday was such a nice day that we took the kiddos on a bike ride.  The city just finished a big length of bike trail, so we decided to check it out.  It was a great trail and we only went on half of it.  Now we are anxious to ride the whole thing.  This was Isabelle's first bike ride, She fell a lot at first but by the time we were done she rarely fell at all.  What a trouper!
Aleena kept begging "Take a picture mom!"  So here is her picture.


Familie May said...

Wow, what a to-do-list! Your garden looks great. So much space for the kids to play. Great idea - your bike tour. Martin will get his first bike this year on his 6th birthday, but he already learned to ride in kindergarten, so I'm glad we won't need any supporting weels.

Nicole said...

I totally want to go a little nit more "GREEN"! Very inspiring! We also almost bought Nora a bike so we could go biking as a family. Not quite understanding it yet! ;)