Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom & Poison Ivy

Shem finally had his first date,  He took his friend Christie to Prom.  aaaahhhhhh.   I tell you what, I think I was more nervous than he was.  It was a whole new experience for me. I kept giving him pointers,  Hold the door open, offer your arm, complement her on how nice she looks, you are responsible for her so take good care of her, take some breath mints, check your teeth after you've eaten, but most of all have fun.  As he left I almost shed a little tear, thats my first baby! and I was starting to see the man in him.   
Now onto the poison ivy, I think Dan is a magnet for poison ivy, he always gets it, and reacts badly to it.  When he was younger he would itch it then scratch his face and every where else then it would spread all over him. Poor Guy!  Now he knows not to scratch it. In this picture it is actually starting to look better.
This is how Dan feels about poison ivy and having his mother post on the blog about him.
We know spring is here when the poison ivy comes out.


Kent and Wendy said...

Ohhhh - I remember when Shem was just a little guy that loved to play with Kara - now's he a young man!

Familie May said...

How time flies by - when I first met Shem he was about a year (April 1994)! And now he is such a fine young man.
Poor Dan - we suffer with him!

Ririe Family said...

Shem!! You animal you! I am so excited that you FINALLY had your first date? Call me and tell me about it sometime. How did you ask her? Did she respond in a fun way? And to think it's all because of me that you went. (J/K) I know you were the one to actually ask her. Now, you've still got to go out with that one girl that you like and see how that goes. I want to know all your dating stories. Hurray for Shem! You're now a man!

★♪♫¸.·*¨) Ang. said...

Prom sounds fun... I bet they had a blast. Deucey won't be going to prom- or ANYWHERE there's girls until he's, say, 35 or so.
Poison ivy sounds awful- sadness for Dan the man. I'm fortunate in that I used to pick it and put it on the dining room table (it's beautiful red/orange in the fall!) but I've never reacted to it. *I didn't know it was poison ivy when I put it on the table ;o)