Sunday, April 5, 2009

A little brag moment.

Spring break was 2 weeks ago, and of course we had all these great outdoor plans. But wouldn't you know it we had rain most of the week.  The kids made a list of things they wanted to do and one day was craft day. The girls decided they wanted to make skirts. So we dug out the scrap fabric and they made their own A-line skirt. They were so proud of themselves.  Guess what they wore to church on sunday? 
Silly girls!
Usually on General Conference weekend is a pretty laid back time when we do a few project around the house relax and enjoy conference. Well this time it was a little different, The boys had several activities  going on. (the older they get the more they go.) Shem had a quiz bowl tournament by Little Rock so it was an overnight trip and he got back late Saturday night. Their team made it to State finals so he is pretty excited about that.  Daniel had a band competition Friday night, which he will find out how well he did Monday at school. He thinks he did pretty good.  On Saturday He had a Martial Arts tounament in which he won 1st in forms and 3rd in sparring.    Good job boys!   So there is my little brag moment.
Saturday night Shaun & Dan were gone to the Priesthood session and I had no desire to cook dinner so I called up my friend Jeannie who felt the same way. So we got our kids together and scrounged a quick meal.  The kids had fun and the moms kept their sanity.   *notice Aleena, quiet shy Aleena, kick'n back with her bud Josiah.
We all love conference weekend.


Familie May said...

Wonderful skirts - pretty girls, well done! And congrats to the boys!! You really have had an impressive weekend and you can be very proud of your family. Lots of love!

Scates Family said...

The girls look darling in their cute skirts. They are lucky to have such a talented mom to learn from. Now my boys are as excited as ever to have Dan come tend them. Thanks again for a fun conference evening.

Verena said...

Cute skirts! Congrats Daniel!

Nicole said...

THat is awesome. They have more talent than me!! haha!!! I found your blog from JEannies, hope that's ok?!!!