Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look Mom No Training Wheels!

Isabelle decided she was ready to learn to ride a bike. She has pestered Shaun for several days to take off her training wheels. So here she is getting ready to ride.
Shaun's trick is to get them started on the driveway and ride into the grass, so when they crash it will be on soft grass.  There she goes!

Yeah! She did it!  They spent over an hour out there practicing. Next step learning how to stop!
Carrie & little Eric came to visit last week.  We had fun holding and lovin  on that sweet baby.  Oh and we had fun with Carrie too.   
The girls loved holding Eric, it has been 5 yrs since we had a baby at our house.  Sarah was getting good babysitting practice in, she even changed a diaper. 

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Familie May said...

Congratulations Isabelle!! Take care when you ride your bike! Martin will learn to ride a bike this year too. So thanks for sharing Shaun's trick with us. We will try it this way. Lots of love from Germany!