Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our first broken bone

Normal collar bone

Broken collar bone     

About 2 weeks ago Isabelle was sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag and somehow she fell on her shoulder and head.  Well we watched it for a few days and she could move it and it was hurting less so we thought it was getting better. After about a week she started favoring it again and we noticed the large bump so we thought we had better take her in and get it checked.  I thought maybe it was a fracture, but the x-ray showed that there was a complete break.  So now she has to wear a brace for 6 weeks.  The only complaint I got from her was when I would lift her out of the car.  What a trooper.

On another note:
My friend Jeannie and I made apple pie filling and canned it this week. I just love how it looks in the jars.  Those of you coming out for Thanksgiving will get to have some.

Sarah made this fun orange creamcicle fudge. It didn't last long, it was so good. She is getting to be a pretty good cook.


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