Sunday, October 19, 2008

A look back

Well, not a lot happened this week except trying to work on the boy's new beds (you will get pictures of that later) So I will show you a picture of Aleena's birthday which was in August. First she wanted a ghost cake, then as we looked for ideas on the web she came up with a hundred other ideas.  She finally decided on a Littlest Pet Shop cake.  I have a friend that told me how to make a fondant cake and VOILA  Aleena and I created this cake.  She loved it.  I will probably be making more of these cakes.  


Scates Family said...

I love your cake! It is so cute. You might have to help me with mine.

Familie May said...

What a wonderful cake! How bad we don't have a little girl, but maybe it could work with cars and trains too!?