Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Few Random Posts

Shaun got Mulch to add to the flower beds one day and asked for a little help from the girls. A. got out there and helped. In fact she  was such a good helper that when they were half way through Shaun had to run an errand, She just about had it finished by the time he got back.
We were pretty amazed at how hard she worked, She was pretty proud of the work she had done.

When we were in Hawaii G-ma & G-pa came and watched the kiddos. It snowed while we were gone and the kids had a great time making cute snowmen.

It looks like THEY had to take care of baby Gramps.
Snow men Calvin & Hobbes style

Little I. played soccer this spring, she loved it, she always wore crazy socks

This Amazing daughter of mine worked and saved  $350  to go to EFY(Especially for Youth) this summer. She talked her friend into going too.  They had so much fun that they want to do it again next year and S. is already saving up.

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