Sunday, September 30, 2012

Youth Conference 2012

As the Stake Young Mens President, Shaun helped plan and carry out the youth conference this year.  There were a 144 youth in attendance.  We all got on busses at 11:00 pm one night and arrived in Nauvoo 7:30 am. Of course no one got any sleep! We ate breakfast and then went to the different sites.
 Making rope at the Family Living center.
 Lunch time in the park, everyone was so tired by lunchtime that they all just sat around relaxing for a few hours.
 We went to see the Nauvoo Pageant and before it starts the have a fair with all these fun activities for the kids to try, like walking on stilts...
 pulling a handcart....
and dancing.
 Shaun & I even did it.
 Dad with his daughter, awww...
 Seeing more historical sites.
We were walking back from our temple session to the bus (and somehow I forgot to take a picture of the temple.)and we stopped in the garden grove and listened while "Joseph Smith" gave a little of his King Follett talk. It was cool.

Overall even though we didn't get much sleep it was a great experience, we had a testimony meeting that almost every kid got up. 
It was all worth it.

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