Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sarah's first temple trip & Candy Queen May 15, 2010

Sarah got to go on her first temple trip, we went to the Oklahoma City Temple. She loved it and asked when she could do it again. We went with the youth in our ward, we left around 5:30am to make our time slot. I am so glad there are opportunities for our youth to do this.
I love being in the temple with my children. It will be nice when the other half can join us.
Hannah has the craziest imagination, She bought these 2 suckers and created the crown & necklace. I didn't know we had that much candy lying around.
She is going to be called the Cavity Queen not the Candy Queen when she gets done eating get up.


Familie May said...

Hannah, give smiles a chance, you definately look too serious for a candy queen. But I'm really impressed with your creativity!
Sarah looks very proud to be with you at the temple.


I love Hannah's creativity...keep it up! I am excited for the day I can go to the temple with my kids too :)

Kent and Wendy said...

Oh - the OK City temple! that's where Carl and Rebecca went. but they are now in Mountain Home - yeah!

Verena said...

It's been a while since I've visited your blog. I can't believe all you've done. Your field trips look like a blast! I'm so jealous! I'm also trying really hard to be patient while waiting for the right timing to have chickens (or any pet for that matter). I am thrilled to see your girls' creativity. It looks like a lot of fun goes on in Arkansas.