Sunday, July 11, 2010


My creative daughter has been at it again. Here is a sampling of what has been created at our house.

The Flying Banana 2000
Aluminum foil lining to scare off aliens, radio/walkie talkie for communication, torpedos, machine gun, missile launcher, self destruct buttons, & steering wheel
The keyboard of Awesome!
The outside wings, windows, door, toothpaste rocket launchers......
Faux pizza made out of rice crispies, candy, & frosting.
This pizza was so sweet we could only take a few bites. But it sure looks good.
Popsicle hands that freaked out Grandma, She thought the looked like cadaver hands.
They were made with fruit smoothies.
The Poor Mans throne.
Hannah saw this idea in a book and just had to make it. She added bubble wrap for extra comfort, she even made a bubble wrap pillow, and foot stool. It was quite sturdy it even held Shaun & I.
Hannah & Eric loved the throne. Sarah on the other hand loathed the throne and had secret desires to destroy it. Before she could carry out her plan Aunt Carrie came and helped rearrange their room and convinced Hannah to remove the chair from the premises, much to Sarah's joy! We told Hannah that a picture would immortalize the chair forever.

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Familie May said...

What creative artwork, Hannah! You are a great talent. You should open an exhibition. I'm quite sure there will be a lot of friends to come and see your creations!