Sunday, May 16, 2010

April 4th, 2010 EASTER

Our day consisted of listening to a wonderful conference, (I could have sworn they were speaking just to me.) It was about Families, the Savior, and making sure we teach our families about the Savior. In between the 2 sessions of conference Carrie & Mitch came over and we hid egg for the kiddos. Here are a few pictures of the hunt. You know I just thought of something, if the egg represents the new life the Savior provides for us shouldn't we be actively "hunting" for it? Just a thought.
Isabelle finding an egg, we tried to get the ducks to sit on it but they wouldn't cooperate.
Shem helped Eric find eggs, Eric didn't quite know what to do at first but he caught on pretty quickly.
Hannah giving the thumbs up that this is fun!
Daniel even got into it.
We had to make a few hard to find for the older ones.
This year I put puzzle pieces in the eggs so when the were done we put the puzzle together. after putting the puzzle almost all together we realized we were missing some pieces, so we had to go on another egg hunt. I think we found the egg the next day. Next time I think I will count the eggs before we hide them.
Later we had a wonderful dinner, Carrie made asparagus which most of the kids never had before. One or two have asked for it again, the others... maybe when their taste-buds develop. What a great day!

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Familie May said...

Great idea to put puzzle pieces into the eggs. It's a good test if you miss an egg or two or maybe more ;-) Hope I remember that for next Easter. I read about the General Conference in the german edition of Liahona. The pics of the Tabernacle Choir are great. I enjoyed it once in April 1994 together with Verena.