Sunday, May 9, 2010

March 12th Ducky Mamas

I know, I know, It is becoming a zoo around here. Hannah got a book from the library and studied up on ducks. She saved her money along with a little help from Aleena. Then they pestered me until I took them to the farm store where they bought 3 ducks. They sure are cute but they are noisier, messier, & smellier (is that even a word?) than the chicks. They have grown very quick they out grew the box they were in before we could get their pen built. We believe they are Indian Runners which means they stand erect and run instead of flying off.

Proud Mamas

We put a little tub of water in their box and you would have thought they were in heaven, they splashed and played and drank. Their downy feathers was like fluffy wool so they didn't get very wet. they are getting noisy and stinky so we can't wait to keep them outside permanently!

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Familie May said...

What a funny ducky story. The ducky mamas seem to be really proud and happy. The duckys are so sweet and cuddly. You really can be proud of that ambitious girls.