Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hooray! they are here!

This picture of the kids outside of their Grandparents new house shouting Hooray they are here.  They got here Thursday night, we are excited to have them here with us. (Now if we could just get a few more of you out here!!!)  We went to their house and took pictures of the kids doing a countdown, then sent them one a day.  This was the last one we took.  
This is the newest addition to our family.  His name is Sammy he is a beagle/terrier mix. so far he is a pretty good puppy, he is sleeping better at night. (he has been inside because it has been very cold)  He loves sitting in front of the fire.  Sarah has been doing a very good job of caring for him. She has worked hard at saving her money for him, and just loves him to death. Sarah says"  I love him!!! He is starting to learn fetch and sit. He has been in our house for about 1 week. We adopted him on November 28, 2008(Friday). He was born on September 15, 2008. We love having him in the family!!!!!!!!"

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ririefamily said...

I'm so jealous they're there and not here. Can you believe only 32 days to go for our baby! Yeah!