Sunday, December 14, 2008

A busy fun filled week.

I am going to work my way backwards this week.  Saturday we went to Silver Dollar City with Jerry & JoAnn.  The weather would have been nice had it not been for the wind and the clouds, it was a tad chilly. But we kept warm walking around and drinking hot cocoa. The highlight for Mom & Dad was the tour of Marvel Cave. (Partly I think because it was warmer than outside.)  We had a fun time and the lights were real purdy.   
We have had a good time with them here. They have been over almost every night for dinner. They had the Girls spend the night at their house on Friday. We will miss them when they leave next week, and be ready & waiting for them to come back.  It is hard to share sometimes.
The first part of the week we spent getting ready for 28 people to come have dinner at our house. So we moved furniture, set up extra tables & chairs, and decorated.  Since decorating is not one of my strong points I asked (begged) my deco guru friend to help me. This is the end result, I think it looked pretty darn good!      
Well the next day our house became a demolition zone. (I will have to take a picture of that.)  We took out a big cabinet & desk  then tore open the wall to find out what the running water sound and moldy smell was.  We found very wet insulation, wood & sheet rock. We had a plumber out but he couldn't figure out where the water was leaking from. So tomorrow someone who is an expert at finding leaks will come find ours. Which we are dreading will be in the cement slab under the flooring.   
So how many days till Christmas?  ( I haven't even started!)
Hannah & Aleena are 2 yrs apart but they are the same height. So we thought it would be fun to dress them alike so they would look like twins. They have had so much fun with this.  I don't know why but I keep buying Hannah clothes that are too big, I can't get over the fact that they are the same size.   

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Verena said...

I can't believe Aleena is so big! I didn't even recognize her. What fun to dress as twins.