Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am Thankful!

I love my  family and chickens.  I am thankful for family and cousins and flowers and food and clothes or you would be naked. And mom and dad and water and you. 
Love, Aleena  

I am thankful for my family, and I love my mom & dad and I just turned five years old and I had a Barbie cake, I loved it.  I loved my presents from Samuel & mom.  
Love, Isabelle

Dear people,
        If you are reading this you will know a lot  about me!  I've got 3 sisters and  2 brothers. There names  are Sarah, ME, Aleena, and Isabelle(sisters),Dan and Shem(brothers). I have 8 people in my family.I love my family.My favorite food is lots of stuff but mainly ice cream. I love snow very much. My bff's are Reagan, Madison, and Allison. I'm thankful for my family, friends, and food. Sincerely,
                                                                                                                                        Hannah                             P.SI,m #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                              

I am the oldest granddaughter on both sides of my family. I LOVE dogs!!! I'm very thankful for my family. I am 11 and the oldest in my class. I am in 5th grade. I have the ultimate awsomest, coolest, funniest,funest,etc. teacher in the whole wide world!! (drum roll please) Mrs.Vannatta!!! 

Dear Reader, 
  I wish to thank all my friends and family, for what they all do for me, and the fact that they are my family.  I am thankful for my religion and my bishop, Bishop Scott, and his counselors.  I am thankful for my chance to live on this earth and for my Father in Heaven.  I am grateful for His son, Jesus Christ, who died so I could live.  I wish you all a great fall, a great Thanksgiving , and a Merry Christmas.
Shem Sedrick

Sup peeps.
I guess i am thankful for my parents and heavenly father  and relatives and a wonderful house and a country where we are free but soon we won't be because a certain person won the election and now we are all in big trouble, but I am thankful anyways.

I love this time of year ! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I am looking forward to my family coming out to share the holiday with us. I have enjoyed having my mom here with us. I am thankful for so many things it is hard to name them all, so I will say this I am thankful to my Heavenly Father who has blessed me with everything I have.  I am so thankful for friends & family, We love y'all.
Happy Thanksgiving

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Familie May said...

We are thankful for our lifes and our family and to have friends like you.