Sunday, November 9, 2008

The first week of November

We decided to have a little fun on our own.  We begged (not to hard) my mom to watch the kids for us on Fri. so Shaun & I could go to Silver Dollar City by ourselves.  It is a theme park with rides, shops, shows & demonstrations. We got season passes this year and every time we take the kids we are going in all different directions, and we never get to do or see the things we wanted to.  So we figured it was our turn, we had such a good time I think we will have to do this more often.

This week I took Mom for a couple of different drives. The first one was to Pea Ridge National Military park.  It was a civil war sight.  This field we are looking out at in this picture is where one of the battles took place.  As we were enjoying the peace and beauty of the scenery it was hard to imagine the events that happened there.  
The second drive we took was on the Pig Trail, so named because it is like following an actual pigs trail that winds this way and that. Also it was used by people coming to see the Arkansas Razorbacks play football. It was a very pretty drive.

Here is a little sneak peek at the new Jerry & JoAnn Sedrick Home.   25 days left!!!  


Anonymous said...

25 days that's all! The house is so cute I wish I could see the inside too. How many miles is it from your guys house?


Scates Family said...

Next time we need to tag along to Silver Dollar City, how much fun. Thanks for letting us come along on the Pig Trail.

Kent and Wendy said...

It's good to see your family pic. You guys look great. A fond memory that Wendy & I had with you guys was taking you to the Neil Diamond concert and you guys did not know who he was. It made us realize that we were getting older. We had fun.
Now we are older. Wendy just had a Hip resurfacing done this week. ck out our blogspot at

Familie May said...

How wonderful for your mom to have you all and to travel around a bit to see so many interesting places with you.