Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spring Break pt.3 Church History

We went from Niagara Falls to Plamyra, New York. We stopped at the Joseph Smith homestead.
The Sacred Grove where Joseph went to pray to know which church to join.
On top of the Hill Cumorah. 
This is where Moroni directed Joseph Smith to the gold plates which was a record of the ancient American peoples
Hannah on the side of the Hill Cumorah
Peter Whitmer home where the church was first organized.
The Palmyra, N.Y. Temple Shaun arranged for the 3 older kids to do baptisms while we were there.
what a neat experience for them.
We then went to Kirtland, Ohio 
This was the first temple built.
The Newel K. Whitney Store where Joseph lived for a while.
The Word of Wisdom was received here.
We really enjoyed our trip, the weather was perfect and the places we saw were awesome. The only problem was that we were missing Shem.

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