Sunday, February 19, 2012

Camping with the Petersons

When we first moved here we became friends with the Petersons almost right off. Our children were close to the same ages and a lot of our ideals were the same. Our kids had some fun times together. Well they moved away, and after several years of saying we were going to get together we finally did. The kids are all growing up so quick.
We all had a good time sitting around the campfire, eating great food.
Benjamin, Hannah, Aleena, Martin, Abby, Solana, Jesse, Amber, and baby Dalton
There was a lock nearby so we all went to watch them lower a barge.
Sarah & Aleena were making little fairy homes, I am not quite sure why everyone was so interested?
Dan, Hannah, Abby, Luke, Isabelle, Solana, & Jessica.
Sarah, Aleena, and Solona are helping milk the goat. My girls were in heaven!
When Amber was pregnant with her 7th and 8th child she tried to convince me to keep up with her, I graciously declined. We had been pregnant with 3 together and she thought we should just keep on going. :)

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