Sunday, January 29, 2012

Broken Bones Aug. 2011

Not Normal
Ok so it was like this.... Sarah had just learned to ride Dan's Rip Stick (the blue thing she is holding) and was doing quite well on it. Well she got a little close to the parked car and jumped or fell off. She was in a pain so we brought her in and put some ice on it and wrapped it up. We seriously thought she had just sprained it, so we kept encouraging her to walk on it a little and quit babying it so much. But after a few days of no improvement we decided to take her to the doctor. Well after the x-rays we thought the doctor would tell us that she had torn a ligament or something....NO.... It was broken, in fact both bones were broken and close to the growth plate.
Talk about feeling guilty!
Well they put her under and set the bones, Luckily no pins or screws were needed. She was in the cast only 6 weeks I was surprised at how fast it healed.
Dan's drawing of her new bionic leg.
After 2 broken bones Sarah is now drinking more milk.

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Familie May said...

Oh Sarah that looks bad! What a brave and tough girl she is! Thanks goodness that kids mostly have fast healing bones ;)

Holly, I just love the new blogger photo!!

Hope Shem is doing well on his mission and everything is going fine!