Sunday, November 13, 2011

Andy & Rachel Come for a Visit

Andy & Rachel came out to see us for the Fourth of July. So of course we went to the lake.
Aaron & Caitlin got up on skis for the first time. Grandpa even got in on the fun.
On Sunday we had a piano recital, they all did such a good job.
On the Fourth, The Engles' came over. We played corn hole.
Eric is already for the noisy fireworks.
Here are all the kiddos waiting for the fireworks to begin.
Having fun with sparklers.
Isabelle has the best seat in the house.
We took all the kids hiking
Even Samuel enjoyed the hike.
It was a hot day but all the kids had fun anyway.

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Familie May said...

Yeah fireworks!! I really loved the 4th of July parade Verena and Bryce took Oliver and me in Hillsboro 2007! I just love to remember that!