Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's all about Shem

Just plain silliness.
Shem was asked to be the town crier for a Family History expo. He rang a bell when the classes were done.
Shem with his friend Lauren at Senior Prom
Seminary graduating class of 2011, Shem, Courtney, and Gabriella.
The 3 teachers they have had over the 4 year course, Sis. Farris, Bro. Sedrick, Sis. Atherton.

Shem's senior photos (taken by Dan Murphy)
The Family, except Sarah who was in Hawaii with the grandparents, and we have an extra head that belongs to Carrie and Mitch.
*Disclaimer: The two photos above were taken by Mitch, because when I pulled mine out to use it the batteries were dead. If you could see my photo stash you would understand why, there are tons of silly photos that the girls have taken. So needless to say Mom was NOT happy that night!


The Mommy Files said...

Shem put the mustache on because he can't grow one on his own!!:)

Kent and Wendy said...

Where is Shem going to college? Kara is going to work for a year before she goes to school.