Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spring break trip to the zoo

We went to the Tulsa Zoo with Carrie & the boys, and our friends the Boyces' for spring break.
Daniel is bigger than a chimpanzee.
The eewww gross part of the adventure was watching the giraffe pee for 15 min.
They were fascinated.
A couple of flamingos.
Puffer fish
Being silly with the statue.
3 toed sloths
They all climbed this big boulder.
Aleena's favorite animals, kangaroos and emus.
We always take a picture here, and....
here at the monkey board.
The moms got their picture taken too.
At the end of a very fun day our last picture as we left the zoo.

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Familie May said...

Looks like a big zoo time!! I enjoy it when kids have so much fun and when their eyes shine and they are all smiles.