Monday, May 16, 2011

Balloon Ride

On our last day there Shaun's boss took us all on a balloon ride. It was very cool! Shaun helped fill the balloon.
I think the only bad part was that we were crammed together in the basket. Luckily 2 people backed out, I don't know where they would have fit in?
That little square on the ground between the two balloons is where we started.
What a view I didn't realize that Arizona was so mountainous.
While they were repacking the balloon they whipped out these picnic tables, cloth tablecloths and napkins, candles, an array of appetizers and champagne (sparkling cider for us). While we ate we watched the sunset, it was quite impressive.
I enjoyed my 3 day date with Shaun. I hope he meets his sales goal next year!

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Familie May said...

Wonderful view, but seriously I would be much too afraid of flying with a balloon! Seemes you've had a really nice short break.