Sunday, January 16, 2011

We have another Adult in the family! Shem's 18th Dan's 15th

I can't believe my baby is 18!
He is a puzzle cube addict
Do these two look like they are related or what?
His cheesy side.
Dan turned 15, and of course he had his favorite, pumpkin pie!
A cool gun and cool clothes, he's happy.
I had to throw this picture of Eric in there, he is such a fun little guy.
He looks pretty tough with his air-soft gun.

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Familie May said...

Wow, can't believe Shem's already 18!!! Crazy, how time flies. I remember him well when he was just about a year old and I went horseriding with him (I love to watch the pics Pat made of us).
Oh yeah, Eric's such a sweet little boy, it seems he wants to be like Shem, he already tries to figure out how the Cube works ;-)!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of your boys, Shem & Dan!