Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Japan

The Koga Family:
Anna 13yrs old and Shoya(her boyfriend)
Daichi and Taiki 8yrs old
Momoka 11yrs
Host Mom & Dad, Tomohiro and Miki
Shem got to help teach English classes while he was there. I think he really enjoyed that and it kept him busy. The teacher was a fellow American form North Carolina.
Curry Udon (noodles)
Shrine arch on Mt. Fugen
Shem went to Ninja town where he saw a play, learned some Ninja history, and...
Threw some shurikens. So now Shem knows the Ninja ways.
Shem had a great time, what a wonderful experience, We were so grateful he had a good family to stay with. Who know maybe he will return there for his mission?

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering how it went. The curry udon looks yummy, I think I'll look up a recipe.