Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with Jerry & JoAnn. We all worked together to make a nice presentable dinner and as always it was delicious and we were stuffed.
We were going to be gone for Christmas so Santa dropped off one of the presents early. Aleena got a new bike since her knees were hitting her chin on her old one. It's a little big but she will grow into it.
Also Grandma & Grandpa gave us an early present also. It is a Corn hole game. Grandpa made the boards and Grandma made the bean bags. This was a popular game on their mission in West Virginia. We also played it on the cruise. It is a bean bag toss game. You get points for getting a bag in the hole and on the board, but watch out your opponent can cancel out your points by doing the same thing.
We all had a fun time playing it, It was a big hit.
Just because I don't have many pictures of Shem, here he is with his favorite toy. He hopes Santa will bring him a 5x5 rubics cube for Christmas.

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Familie May said...

I tried to get my rubics cube finished but always failed. Did Shem get his "Professor Cube" for Christmas? With a 5 x 5 cube I really would be completely overcharged. I know there are 7 x 7 cubes too, did Shem tried these?
I like the interior of your house!