Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 13 Free day, Temple

Shaun & I were hoping for an opportunity to go to the temple in Bern.The day we were in Bern was booked solid and we were beginning to think we weren't going to be able to go. Our one free day was in a town an hour or so away. So we decided To get up at 4:30 am. to catch the 5:18 train after a couple of connections and one wrong turn we made it. Shaun has wanted to go here since his mission, the Swiss temple was on the cover of his french hymn book. This is a very bilingual temple. There were some missionary couples from the states so that made it a little easier. The session was in Italian so we used the headsets. Luckily there was a lady from Florida there picking up her son from his mission sitting next to me, She helped me where needed. It was a great experience and I am glad we found a way to go.
An interesting point, the temple grounds did not have a fence around it like most do.
We rode the train in & out of Grindelwald several times. I kept seeing this building and thought it was interesting so I took a picture because you can really see the house and the barn under one roof. House on the left barn on the right.
Here is a picture of our hostel in Grindelwald. If you look in the background on the hillside you can see a little house with a white dot (flag) by it That is where we stayed.
We had to walk up a very steep hill to get to the hostel but it was worth it for the view. Our balcony is on the left by the flagpole.
Our last night, us on our balcony with the Eiger behind us.
Did I mention I could live here?

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Familie May said...

Just go ahead moving to Switzerland. I would love to have you closer. I always feel much closer to you when I read your posts and see the pics. So thanks for sharing.