Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Switzerland Day 1

We had the most amazing 2 1/2 week trip to Switzerland. We loved it. Since we have so much to tell about and so many pictures I will do a day by day account (not all in one post). I hope it is not to boring. I will try to stick to the highlights.

I don't really count the first day since we arrived in Zurich a 7:30 am and we were not meeting with the group until 7:00 pm We were very tired and it was a hot day. We wandered around Zurich for a few of hours then headed to Rapperswil where our hostel was in hopes we could get in and sleep. Well we had a little trouble finding our hostel, the people that we asked didn't seem to know where it was. we wandered up and down these little roads that people kept pointing us to. We were about to try one last little road that here in the states you would call a driveway when we saw some other people with luggage . Yeah! they were from our group. We got to the hostel but couldn't check in until 5:00 pm so we sat out on the back patio and waited a couple more hours. Shaun & I were a little worried by now how this whole tour was going to be after all that, but we met the rest of the group, found our rooms and then hit the sack at 9:30 pm. It has been a long time since we have slept so well. So I don't count this first day because we were tired, cranky, hungry, hot, & frustrated. Now the rest of the trip made up for that first experience 10 times over.

Day 1
Yesterday was hot & humid, today was cool & rainy. We went to lake Luzern and took the William Tell Steamboat ride to the town of Brunnen. The lake was surrounded by mountains. very pretty.
William Tell is a bit of a legend here. The story says he helped free the people from oppression.

Most of the homes here are multiple levels.
We rode the bus to another little town then took a 20 min. walk up to a dairy farm. This house was about 400 yrs old. We toured the farm and then we had a wonderful lunch, which in Switzerland is the biggest meal of the day.
These are Swiss Brown cows which is the most commonly used cow in Switzerland. The Bells on the cows sounded pretty except in the barn where it echos.

This little guy lived in the barn, and was quite friendly.


Familie May said...

Gruezi ;-) Hej, great trip to Switzerland! I went there very often with my parents when I was a child and we were allowed to go there after the Wall in Berlin broke down. It's about 10 hours by car from Dresden. I'm sure you have enjoyed the trip very much and won't forget it ever.

Ririe Family said...

Oh dang! mitch and have considered moving there if our country goes down the tubes more. The pictures convince me more of it. glad you had fun. Sorry we missed you.


I liked reading/seeing day 1...I look forward to seeing the rest!

Verena said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. I've been dying to see them. Can I just move into that 400 year old house please?

Kent and Wendy said...

Okay - so now where's day 2, 3, 4, etc?